This article is about skulls from The Bucket. For skulls from other games, please see Skulls (Disambiguation).

Skull crabs
Skull Crab
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Jumps in the air
Health Cannot be killed
Game(s) The Bucket

Skull crabs are enemies in the game called The Bucket. They are the first enemy introduced in the game.


Skull crabs have a brown crab-like body, hence their name, with a white skull on it, and a set of orange goggles on top of their body.

Game information

They are introduced relatively late in the game, on level eight, almost halfway through the game. They attack by jumping up, and will stun and knock back the mystical flying fish. This can easily knock the raccoon out of the bucket and cause the mystical flying fish to have to swoop down and retrieve him.

Crabs can be easy to avoid, depending on their location. They will not walk off a ledge, and will instead reverse their walking when they get a certain distance away from their spot. If a skull crab comes in contact with another skull crab, they will both walk the reverse way. Their only attack is to land on either the raccoon or the mystical flying fish. The fish and the bucket can move the crabs, though, and can use this ability to push them to other places, or off edges.


  • It is possible to catch a skull crab in the bucket. The player has to simply swoop down and place the bucket under the crab when it jumps. However, this will hurt the raccoon if it is in the bucket.
  • The skull crab appears similar to the Pokémon character Paras.

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