This article is about skeletons from Small Fry. For skeletons from other games, please see Skeletons.

Skeleton Small Fry
Organization Good
Health Can only be killed by mud
Ability Cannot die unless in mud;
Can walk underwater
Game Small Fry

Skeletons are characters in the game Small Fry. They are essential in many levels throughout the game.


Skeletons are white with a blue mouth and have the appearance of a skeleton, hence the name. When they fall from a great height, their body will collapse, though they will soon begin to shake and rebuild itself.

Game information

Skeletons cannot be killed unless they fall into mud or a bottomless pit. Other than that, they are invincible to everything. They can be used to reach switches that are underwater, and traverse dangerous areas.

Other appearances



  • Skeletons may actually be dead small fries, possibly the skeleton of Sporty.

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