This article is about Skeletons from Double Edged. For Skeletons from Other games, please see Skeletons.

Attack Punching,
Attacking with any weapon they have
Abilities None
Health Sword - 25 Blows
Points Varies
Game(s) Double Edged

Skeletons are enemies in Double Edged.


Skeletons appear the the only remains of enemy gladiators, soldiers, and commanders that entered the area. Some wear a helmet from their previous status or rank.

Game information

Skeletons are the strongest enemies in Double Edged, requiring the player to strike them twenty-five times with the sword. They are quite strong and annoying enemies, as they come in large groups that can approach the spartan easily and knock him unconscious, as a tactic they all know is to surround the spartan and attack him. They can also spread out in groups, making it dangerous for the player to move around. The special attack is helpful in these situations.

Most of the skeletons that fight the player usually don't have weapons, but if they do they will use them very little, attacking with it once every seven to ten seconds. Several enemies are what seem to be the skeletons of previous enemies, this indicated by the helmets atop some Skeleton's heads, but although being a different enemy before, they do not inherit the attack and abilities of their previous rank.

In some areas where there is a Priest of Hecate, once all the skeletons have been killed, they will be soon resurrected and have to be killed again. Therefore in these situations, the priest is the highest priority and must be killed first.


  • "I'll be back...."
  • "We'll swallow your soul! Mwahahahah!
  • "Join us, human!"
  • "Hahaha!"
  • "Mwahahahah!"
  • "Be right back!"
  • "See you soon!!"
  • "Join us!!"
  • "Be afraid!"
  • "Beware Medusa"



  • A possible reason there are a lot of skeletons is the area is possibly that the Behemoth, a giant Cyclopes, ate all enemies that came and spat out the skeletons of the enemies, as the Behemoth spits out skeletons during the battle with him.
    • Another possible reason for the skeletons' existence would be that it is the result of the curse that affected the soldiers, as one of them stole the lion hammer.
  • If the player kills a skeleton, but not all the skeletons, and waits a certain length of time, the skeleton's broken bones and head will disappear from the area, preventing it from being resurrected.

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