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Sir Jumpalot
Sir Jumpalot
Extra hit
Game(s) Platform Panic

Sir Jumpalot is a character in Platform Panic.


Sir Jumpalot wears gold armor, wearing a gold medieval helmet, holding a gold sword and a gold shield with a dragon on it, and wearing gold boots.

Game information

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Sir Jumpalot can be unlocked for 20 coins.

Penguin 1

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Sir Jumpalot's special ability is Extra Hit, which allows the player survive a hit from the first hazard or enemy they impact. If Jumpalot is hit again after this, he will die.

Due to a glitch, when the Extra Hit ability is active, all coins that Sir Jumpalot collects while in his armour will be lost when he is hit. Nitrome plans to fix this in a future update[1].


Wearing his lucky boxer shorts


Sir Jumpalot wears a pair of "lucky boxer shorts", which is a reference to Sir Arthur of Ghosts n' Goblins.

He also resembles Sir Arthur when both of them are without their armour.


Penguin 1

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  1. Nitrome on Twitter: [1]: ...we will be fixing the bug that stops you keeping his [Sir Jumpalot's] first coins., 11 Apr 15, retrieved 21 May 15.

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