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Attacks Dangerous when bright
Abilities Glowing and running
Level 4.9
Health 5 hits
Game(s) Pest Control

The silverfish is the last boss on Pest Control. It runs around with smaller silverfish and the player needs to swat its non-glowing spots to hurt it.


This boss looks like a large silverfish that has five parts that are either grey, black, or white. The first part is its head, which has two long antennas and two eyes with two pupils. The second part is bigger than the head, this part having two thick legs.

The last three parts are the body of the boss, placed across these three parts being six thin legs. The second and the third part are the biggest parts of the boss, and the fifth part is the smallest. At the end of the fifth part, it has three tails.

Game information

There is a vital trick to beating this boss. First of all, there is a safe spot at the bottom of the screen. Neither the baby silverfish nor the boss silverfish can hurt the player there.

To damage the boss, the player has to swat the segment that is not glowing. It is best for the player to lay low at the bottom until the boss comes near the flyswatter. Also, after the boss' health is lower than three skulls, the boss will charge across the screen once, and twice for the next swat.

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