Attack Blocking the miners' path
Abilities Can be used as a platform
Health One blow
Game(s) Cave Chaos

Silkies (singular: Silky) are enemies in the game Cave Chaos.


Silkies have a pale pink body and a pale pink head with two arms sticking out of the sides. Silkies have eight pink, beady eyes, the two closest to the side of the head being the largest.

Silkies have a mouth with four pink teeth coming out as well, and also have four additional legs sticking out from their body. A dark green strand of spider web can be seen lying from their abdomen.

Game information

Once a silky comes down from the roof, the player cannot pass it. Once one goes up the player can continue on through the cave. A silky can be used as a lift to get to high platforms by jumping up onto it. Its webbing cannot be passed through, however. It can be difficult in some parts of Cave Chaos, as it is hard to get past due to the speed of their repetitive vertical movements. Silkies first appear in level seven. Silky cannot directly harm the player.

The only part of the Silkies that blocks the player is its webbing, and not the silky itself.

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