The sick wall is an enemy in Hot Air 2: All Blown Up. It appears as a creature in a platform that causes green liquid to rise.


The sick wall's face is in a grey coloured platform. It has two white eyes as well as a small black mouth. Its cheeks have a small green circle on them and are are in a shape of a circle and are pushing close to his mouth.

Game information

The sick wall appears only on level five of Hot Air 2: All Blown Up, and since it is inside a platform it can't move at all. It possesses the ability to cause green liquid to constantly rise, causing it to rise and stop, rise and stop.

This liquid will pop Hot Air, so he has to hurry to get to the red platform. The rising liquid makes it somewhat difficult to collect the stars, especially the top stars, as they are located beside the sick wall's face, which is very close to spikes. The sick wall cannot be harmed, and will instead hurt Hot Air via his spikes on the side of his face.