Sick orange goo
Sick Orange Goo
Attack Vomiting out orange goo
Health N/A
Points N/A
Game(s) Swindler

Sick orange goo are enemies in the game Swindler.


Sick orange goo appears as a head coming out of a small pile of orange goo. The head is orange, with a few light orange spots on its head.

Its purple tongue is drooping out of its open mouth, as the creature slowly breaths air. The eyes of the creature are closed, except when preparing to vomit at the player and when vomiting.

Game information

Sick orange goo appears attached to a platform. It will slowly breathe air until the player passes. Upon the player passing, and after a few seconds have elapsed, the creature will close its mouth as its head slowly shakes. It will then vomit out a pillar of liquid at the player, a pillar of liquid that can stretch infinitely, stopping at walls. It will vomit out for about five to ten seconds, before closing its mouth and going back to its sick state. The danger with these enemies is they will aim where they are going to vomit before vomiting, meaning if the player stays still while they are preparing they will surely get hit by the vomit fired.

They will always aim at the player whenever they move when preparing to vomit, as if they have a target locked on to the player. They will even aim at the player when the player is behind a wall or can't possibly be reached. They can, however, only tilt their head 180° to vomit vomit at the player, if the player is to far away for the creature to twist their head, the creature will just ignore the player or fire at a random place. They can be easily passed during the ten to twenty seconds of when they are not vomiting.

The vomit the sick orange goo vomits exerts pressure on objects, requiring the player in one level to have the sick orange goo vomit on a button to push the switch and open a gate, which is the only time in Swindler the vomit has to actually be used for completion of the level.

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