This article is about shopkeepers from Steamlands. For shopkeepers from other games, please see Shopkeepers.

Shopkeepers are characters in Steamlands. Shopkeepers are the people that run shops throughout the Steamlands world. They sell gun-related items, armor for blocks, Flags, and also offer advice for a low price. Shopkeepers differ in personality and appearance from each other. All Shopkeepers run multiple shops across the Steamlands world, and sell different stock in them.



This article is about robots from Steamlands. For robots from other games, please see Robots.

Image Unofficial Name Personality Shop Areas
Mechanic Mechanic The Mechanic is a working man who gives the player good advice. He sells Gun related health objects and has a good attitude. He is the first Shopkeeper the player encounters and has many stores spread out across the Steamlands . Gun Shop, Unarmed, The Mirror of Venus, Hook Line and Sinker, Voyage of the Titanic, You're the best around!
Tinman Tin Man The Tin Man is a robot and the only Robotic character in Steamlands. The Robot has a metal cap like head with a sign that says "Sales" on top of it. The middle of his stomach is exposed, revealing his gear like insides. He has small arms and speaks very little. Keeping Track, Stealing to Survive, Special Delivery, Super Paratrooper , The Pirate Commander, Leftovers
Rich British man Rich British Man The Rich British Man is a British Citizen dressed in a top hat and a black suit. Bargain Hunt, Assembly and Assimilation, Mr. Fix It, Steel and Gunpowder, Grab and Run, The Pitter-Patter of Shells, Rearrangements
Rich British woman Rich British Woman The Rich British Woman is the only female shopkeeper. She wears a dress, earrings, and has a bow in her hair. Top Down, Bang on Time, Trading Cards
Salesman Salesman The Salesman is a person who sells items on the street. He smokes a cigar and wears a bowler hat. Sky's the Limit, Right Back at You, Rain and Hail, Big Ben
British army pilot British Army Pilot The British Army Pilot is a retired pilot. He has two medals and is part robot, as he has two metal hands. He gives the player advice about guns and the enemy tank's guns. Yoga Flame, The Hatchet Brothers, Mjolnir, Battle Engine Blackhammer, Punch Buggy, Descent
Strong man Strong Man The Strong Man is a muscular man that has only two shops. He gives mostly useless information and sells mostly flags. He is old and and has a beard and wears green shorts. He holds an oil kettle in his right hand and is pointing left with his left hand. He seems to speak Swedish. Man of Steel, Like a Butterfly
Drifter Drifter The Drifter is a man with a bandanna on his head. He has a big backpack which he has over his back and offers advice on rearranging the blocks on the player's Tank. The Escourt, Ricochets, Leave no man behind, Big Jobs, Progression, Armed Guard, Endurance


  • The Tin Man is similar to the Tin Man from Wizard Of Oz.
  • The Rich Man bears a resemblance to the Grappler, a Man Block in Steamlands.

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