This article is about shopkeepers from Blast RPG. For shopkeepers from other games, please see Shopkeepers.

Gender Male
Species Unknown. Possibly elf.
Faction Good
Health NA
Level(s) NA
Status Alive
Game(s) Blast RPG

The Shopkeeper is the character who works at the shop in Blast RPG. It is possible that he owns it as well.


He seems to be either a human or an elf, this due to his large ears. He wears brown pants and a white shirt on top of which is a blue coat as well as a blue hat. He has a prominent pink nose, a light-brown moustache, blushy cheeks, and green eyes.

Game information

He sells a variety of items to the Boy Knight, and also buys items from the Boy Knight. Contrary to popular belief, he can still buy items after all of the shelves in his shop are filled, but the player will be unable to buy the sold item back.

The Shopkeeper sells the following items:

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