Shooting blocks
A regular shooting block
Attack Firing bullets
Damage Death
Game(s) Gunbrick

Shooting blocks are hazards in Gunbrick. They are superseded by police gunbricks in Gunbrick mobile.


The red shooting blocks appear as a red block with a dark red border around it and a white barrel in front of it.

Game information

Shooting blocks come in two types: regular and the fast-firing.

Regular shooting blocks

Regular shooting blocks shoots red bullets that kill the player, although touching the actual block is not dangerous. The bullets can be deflected by Gunbrick's shield. Red shooting blocks are first seen in level two.

Fast red shooting blocks

Fast shooting block

Bullets shot at a fast speed

Fast red shooting blocks are just like the regular shooting blocks but shoot faster. These hazards are hard to avoid without using Gunbrick's shield, which is the bottom side of Gunbrick. If the player is rolling, they have to think fast.

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