The target reticule of the shooter
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Faction Good
Health Four hearts
Level(s) All
At home, sleeping
Game(s) Graveyard Shift

Shooter is the name of the main character in Graveyard Shift.


The shooter is not seen at all throughout the entire game. The only object that represents him is the red target reticule.

Game information


The shooter works patrolling a graveyard filled with living objects not usually capable of living. He is armed with a basic gun, used for protecting himself from danger. He starts his job at an unspecified time at night.

After killing the King Zombie, he is congratulated for "surviving another night on the job", and told to go and "get some sleep" as his job begins again at 8pm.


The shooter is armed with a gun for protecting himself and killing zombies, and a shield to use to block enemy attacks. The shooter walks slowly, but can fire his gun and use weapons quickly. It is not known what species the shooter is, (most likely human) but regardless of species the shooter can be poisoned, which causes difficulty in seeing, among other effects. The shooter's purpose of his job is to protect maidens from harm, and to protect them until they can get to safety.


  • He may be based on Doomguy from the Doom series of games.

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