Shock walls
Shock Wall 4 A shock wall in the original Final Ninja
Shock wall FNZ
A shock wall in Final Ninja Zero
Attack Emitting green electricity
Damage One health bar
Game(s) Final Ninja Zero

Shock walls are a type of hazard in the Final Ninja series.


Shock walls appear as a brown wall with cylinders pointing out of it. Emanating across the wall is green electricity. In the original Final Ninja, they are purplish colored and have a blue "shock hazard" sign.

Game information

Shock walls have no general place where they are placed, they can be placed anywhere. On the level they are found, they are attached to walls, appearing at the corner of a long drop. They are often found placed below platforms.

Touching a shock wall will electrocute Takeshi, and subtract one bar of health from him. Firing a rope into it will also do this to him. Upon being shocked, Takeshi will flash for a few seconds, and then be able to act and jump normally on the shock walls. They are very common in the game, and do not hurt enemies.

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