This article is about boxes from Graveyard Shift. For boxes from other games, please see Boxes.

Shield repair boxes
GS repair box
Ability Fully repair the shooter's shield
Game(s) Graveyard Shift

Shield repair boxes are interactive boxes in Graveyard Shift that fully repair the shooter's shield when shot.


See also: General appearances of boxes (Graveyard Shift)

Shield repair boxes appear as a usual box with a green shield containing a black plus sign. It is placed on the medal shield part of the box.

Game information

Shield repair boxes are the rarest of all the boxes, and only serve to fully repair the shooter's shield. When obtained, the shooter will regain all the edges of the shield they lost. Shield repairs can be very helpful on levels with much enemies firing at the shooter, or levels abundant with fireball firing enemies, as fireballs are able to easily knock the edges of the shooter's shield off.

Shield repair boxes aren't that important to pick up, but make blocking projectiles easy as picking the box up gives the shooter a large shield that can be used to more easily block multiple projectiles. Shield repair boxes have a green shield on the box, to indicate that the box repairs shields.

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