Shield orange enzymes are enemies in the Test Subject series aside from the two Test Subject Arena games.


The shield orange enzyme is unlike other orange enzymes. The actual enzyme has a roundish head, with a vertical-like body. It has two legs, which he will move up when walking. Since the actual lacks arms, he has to wear a mask on his head that has the metal shield attached to the mask. The actual shield is a curved piece of metal that curved up, then down, with a blue light in the middle.

Game information

Test Subject Blue

Shield Orange Enzymes are the third type of orange enzymes encountered in the Test Subject Blue. The Shield will protect the Enzyme from all attacks to the face, but leaves his back vulnerable for attack. When Blue comes a certain distance in range of the shield orange enzyme, the shield orange enzyme will turn around to face Blue, with his shield toward Blue (if not already). The shield orange enzyme will now move back and forwards when Blue does, but only until Blue moves a certain distance away from the shield orange enzyme.

Because of this special ability the shield orange enzyme has, a blue proton bullet must be fired from afar to kill the enzyme, or a bullet through a green teleporter. When the enzyme dies, it will slosh its body up and drop its shield, which will disappear. Further into Test Subject Blue, more shield orange enzymes will appear on the same platform in levels, but not adding to not adding any difficulty of killing them.

Test Subject Green

Shield orange enzymes appear twice throughout Test Subject Green. The areas they appear in make them hard to kill. Also, mimic green enzymes will transform into a green shield orange enzyme when hit the first time with a blue enzyme bullet.

Test Subject Complete

A shield orange enzyme appears in one of the levels as shown in the trailer for the game.



  • The shield orange enzyme must be stronger than the walking orange enzyme as it shows no difficulty of moving the shield.
  • It is not possible to push a shield orange enzyme off the side of a platform if it goes into its stance where it faces its shield to Blue.
  • Mimic green enzymes have copied a variety of different attacks from orange enzymes. When a green enzyme is hit by a bullet, it will transform onto a green shield orange enzyme copy, taking no damage from the bullet.
  • The shield orange enzyme is very similar to the Twin Shot version, the shield dark creature.