Shield - Graveyard Shift
Ability Protects the player
Game(s) Graveyard Shift

The shield is an interactive object used by the player in the game Graveyard Shift.


The shield appears as a stone square, with curved edges. The shield is made up of seven pieces, all which go around the middle piece. There are two long shield parts that are beside the middle shield piece, and two bottom parts below the top and bottom of those pieces. For some reason, the shield is semi-transparent. This is probably so that the player can see the enemies they are trying to defend themselves from on the other side of the shield.

Game information

The shield is used for defensive purposes only. When an enemy fires a projectile at the shooter, the player can protect himself from being harmed by it by bringing up the shield. The shield is brought up by pressing the space bar. The shield will replace the player's target reticule for the duration it is used for. If the shield is brought over the dangerous sphere, and kept over the sphere, the dangerous sphere will hit the shield, and cause no damage to the player.

The shield can be used for blocking all attacks to the player, and while being used be moved around to block other attacks. It is not possible to simultaneously shoot and shield - only one can be done at the time. However, it is possible for the player to bring up their shield when shooting; this ending the shooting, then bringing it down to shoot again. The shield is not invincible, it can be made to break. If the player blocks an attack with one part of a shield many times, it will soon fall off when struck by another attack.

Some attacks deal more damage than others, and thus can more easily destroy the shield. The middle block of the shield can never be blown off, otherwise the player could end up defenseless. Levels which require the player to heavily use the shield usually have a shield repair box box, which fully repairs the player's shield.

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