This article is about shellbots from Chisel series. For shellbots from Square Meal, please see Shell monsters.

Attack Harms Chiseler on contact
Abilities Moving
Health One blow
Game(s) Chisel series

Shellbots are enemies in the Chisel series.


Shellbots are robots with pink eyes, a mouth, and crab-like feet that have a large spiky shell atop their robotic body. There are two types of shellbots: green shellbots and red shellbots.

Game information

In Chisel 1

Both types of shellbots can only be killed by being drilled from underneath, when they will explode and all parts of their body will drift off into space.

Green shellbots are stationary all the time, and can be easily killed, but sometimes they are placed facing each other, making them hard to get at. red shellbots constantly move around the perimeter of the planet they are on, over all terrain, reversing movement when they can no longer move in that direction.

They will hurt the player upon touching them. Due to the fast movement of red shellbots, they can be harder to kill, and hard to avoid on land.

Implementations in Chisel 2

With the addition of jumping in Chisel 2, red shellbots have been made easier to avoid. Also in Chisel 2, green shellbots may sometimes be placed with red shellbots between them, to prevent the red shellbot from moving too far.


  • Red and green shellbots are likely based off of red and green Koopa shells in the Mario Kart games. In the Mario Kart series of video games, red and green Koopa shells are used as weapons. Green Koopa shells, when shot, move in one direction, and are not as dangerous, as green shellbots are. Red shells however, home in on other Karts, and are more dangerous, similar to red shellbots. The concept of the shellbots may indeed have come from the Koopa shells. Mat Annal, the owner and director of Nitrome at the time of the release of Chisel and Chisel 2, had also said that he had played the Mario Kart games when he was young[1].


  1. - Start Frag - interview with Matthew Annal: I think by far the most evil video game villain has to be… the blue shell in Mario Kart and I think the way I would kill it would be to make an option to turn it off [laughs]

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