This article is about Shell monsters from Square Meal. For Shell monsters from Chisel (series), please see Shellbots.

Shell monster
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Hiding and walking
Health One hit
Game(s) Square Meal

Shell monsters are enemies in the game Square Meal.


Shell monsters have a purple shell with a grey spike on top of it. Its purple shell covers the entire body of the monster. The monster has black legs and yellow eyes.

Game information

Shell monsters are one of the most difficult enemies to kill aside from the fish men. If a shell monster is walking and stops, anything thrown at it will act as if thrown at a wall. The monsters can only be stunned if they are hit while walking. Walking into a shell monster, or vice-versa, will kill the player.


One glitch is that shell monsters may sometimes walk through walls.

There is another glitch that happens to this monster. If a shell monster is facing the player, and it is hiding in its shell and the player shoots a block, the monster will be stunned for a few seconds, then it will move a little bit and will continue being stunned.



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