The severed foot is the main character that the player controls in Stumped. It appears as a constantly moving foot that has to complete tests.


The foot appears dark green coloured, having two gray steel bolts on the sides of its leg. The top of the foot is severed, revealing the white bone and red flesh inside of the foot. On each of the foot's five toes is a brownish-yellow toenail.

Game information


The history of the Foot is unknown such as how it got severed. It is possible it came apart from its Frankenstien-like monster.

In the ending of Stumped, the foot is attached to the right leg of a human, who has also lost a foot and two hands. This human is possibly Frankenstein's monster. The message also says "Body parts quality assurance successful", implying that the levels might have been tests to judge the quality of the foot.
Stumped ending

The foot attached to the monster

Oddly enough, this foot (which can only turn right) is a left foot.


The player controls the Foot throughout the game of Stumped. The foot is always hopping forward, and can be turned by clicking or running into a wall. When the left mouse-button is clicked, any keyboard key is pressed, or the Foot encounters a wall, the Foot turns ninety degrees to the right. However, the only exception is that on metal tiles, the foot will turn to the left instead of right.

Using these simple controls, the player must maneuver the foot from its spawn point to the finish line. However, touching any enemies or hazards will cause the foot will instantly explode. On the way, the player can collect pumpkins for points, by having the foot move to the space they are on and squish them. When the player reaches the finish line, the foot stands on it and does back-flips while electricity courses between its two metal bolts.



  • The foot is made to look like Frankenstein's monster. The scene on the menu of the foot on being electrocuted is a reference to Frankenstein's monster being electrocuted to be brought to life.
  • A .gif of the severed foot hopping and the hand walking was used as the preview for Stumped.
  • Oddly, the foot is sometimes seen with just four toes, but other times five.