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This article is about serpent from Aquanaut. For serpent from other games, please see Serpents.

Sea Serpent
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Moving around the level area
Health Head - 12 blows
Segments - 2 blows
Tail - 5 blows
Game(s) Aquanaut

The serpent[1] is the final & only boss of Aquanaut, encountered on level 20: "Kill the serpent".


The serpent is dark purple, each segment having two big fins on it, and two tiny fins below it. The end segment appears as a smaller version of the usual sized segment, this end segment having an anchor like shape on the end. The serpent has the head similar to a manta ray, along with two eyes and a mouth with teeth.

Game information

The serpent is encountered on the last level of Aquanaut, where it is the only enemy on the stage. The serpent will slither around the stage in a set pattern, its segments having to be destroyed to kill it. To damage a segment, it has to be bombed a number of times. Three types of segments exist: the head, middle segments, and tail. A destroyed segment will reveal the bones on it.

The thirteen middle segments take two bombs to kill, since they are the most common of the segments. The tail takes five bombs to destroy, and the head takes twelve. The player cannot begin to damage the head or tail until the inner thirteen segments are destroyed. The head is likely the hardest of all the segments to kill, as it is located on the front of the Serpent and is always moving forward. Destroying all segments will leave behind a multitude of coins, and the fish trophy.


  1. Aquanaut level 20: "Kill the serpent"

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