This article is about seagulls from Mutiny. For seagulls from Skywire, please see seagulls (Skywire).

Mutiny Seagull animated
A seagull
Ammunition Infinite excrements, weapon varies
Ability Can go across entire stage
Action Flies
Damage Low
Game(s) Mutiny

Seagulls are a type of weapon from the game Mutiny.


Seagulls are white with grey wings and a tiny orange beak along with orange legs.

Game information

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When a seagull is going to be used they player must first adjust the seagull's flying height with their mouse. A seagull will fly in a straight, vertical line, so where the player's mouse is determines the seagull's flying height. When the seagull is released, the player can make it defecate excrement by clicking, but the seagull cannot deal any damage when flying through a wall. The seagull will fly off the screen when reaching the other side of the stage.


Click on the screen to choose a path for the seagull to fly. Then click repeatedly to poop on the enemy!


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