"Try building a really tall tower using these screws. They are great for holding shapes in place." - Level 16 sign of Power Up.


This article is about screws from Powerup. For screws from Ice Breaker, please see Screws (Ice Breaker).

Screw holding a piece
Ability Holds pieces in midair
Game(s) Powerup

Screws are interactive objects first seen in level 16 of Power Up.


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Only the head of screws are ever seen. They are also all Phillip's head screws.

Game information

As with all other draggable pieces in the game, screws can be stored in chests until needed for further use.

The ability of screws may be useful in some levels for players, as, when let go of, they can fix themselves to the air, holding any pieces attached to it. A loud screwing noise is heard when a player lets go of a screw they may pick up.

When fixed to a certain piece, the screw allows it to stay in the position it is in while in midair. The piece can remain there for until the screw is removed from it. No other pieces that may be thrown against it can topple it while the screw is attached, making it very stable for use.

As read from the sign it is introduced in, screws help players build very tall structures in the game without having to worry about it tipping over in midair. Because of this, screws are generally seen in levels where the transformers are placed far apart from each other.

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