This article is for the enemy called Scratchbots in Chisel 1 and incorrectly named enemy in Chisel 2. For the enemies called Digbots in Chisel 1, please proceed to Digbots
Animated scratchbot
Attack Harms player on contact.
Abilities Digs around underground.
Game(s) Chisel
Chisel 2

Scratchbots are enemies in the games Chisel and Chisel 2.


Scratchbots are purple mole-like robots. The actual robot consists of a body with pink eyes and a painted nose, with two burrowing arms with claws attached to each side of the robot.

Game information

Scratchbots are placed inside planets, rebounding off the sides of the planet with a tunnel following them. The smaller the planet becomes for the scratchbot, the more it will rebound off walls. Scratchbots cannot be killed, even though they can be drilled through. If Chiseler collides with a scratchbot, he will lose 1 heart, but still reach the end of the planet.

They can make digging into planets very dangerous, due to the high risk of colliding with a scratchbot, thus, the player is going to have to time the dig correctly.


  • In Chisel, it said it's claws are made out of adamantium, a fictional substance created by Marvel. This could be a reference to Wolverine, as both creatures have long claws.
  • In Chisel 2, it is said that scratchbots are an endangered species.
  • Scratchbots are mislabeled as digbots in Chisel 1. Coincidentally, bomb crabs are mislabeled as boombots. Both incorrect names for both enemies are actually the names of real enemies in Chisel 1.