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Pest control boss 1
Attacks Striking with its tail
Level 3.9
Health Five hits
Points Varies
Game(s) Pest Control

The scorpion, also known as desert boss, is the third boss encountered in the game Pest Control.


The scorpion has two big claws protecting his face, and has a giant tail that constantly moves. He will often move his claws back, revealing his face. The scorpion has a grey body and white eyes with black pupils.

Game information

The scorpion is encountered on level 3.9, and as in terrains in Pest Control, all eight levels have to be first completed if the player desires to unlock the boss level.

The scorpion is different from the last two encountered bosses. The differences the scorpion has is that is is stationary, unlike the millipede and tarantula who move around the level. The scorpion also takes up the entire screen, whereas the centipede and the tarantula do not. The scorpion is also considerably more difficult then the previously encountered bosses, as the scorpion has better accuracy than the tarantula.

The scorpion is very big compared to the two previously defeated bosses. Most of the battle with the scorpion is trying to avoid his tail. The scorpion's tail will move left and right quickly. The player can move the flyswatter around during this time, but when it flashes pink it will strike at the player with great speed and accuracy.

The player should move the flyswatter around as to not get hit by the tail. After the tail attempts a few times to hit the player, the scorpion will retract its claws and the payer can swat the scorpion, but only once. The player must repeat these steps to kill the scorpion.

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Pest Control - Level 3 Desert Boss01:20

Pest Control - Level 3 Desert Boss


  • A glitch can be performed where the player can place the flyswatter on the tail of the scorpion and not get hurt.
  • The scorpion is the biggest enemy in Pest Control.

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