This article is about saws from Hot Air Jr.. For saws from other games, please see Saws.

Saws are enemies in the game Hot Air Jr. They are the second-last enemy introduced, the last one being hand. They are only encountered in level fifteen. They do not appear in either of the prequels.


Saws are circle-shaped with spikes around it. The full circle sometimes cannot be seen because the saw usually goes horizontally, (with half the saw in the platform) but when the saw turns, the other side is visible, which appears to be more darker than the face.

The face has a angry expression like most of the other enemies. It has pink stars for cheeks and eyebrows similar to a tilde, but thicker. The mouth is curved in wavy lines. Both sides of the saws have bolts on them, likely to hold the saw together.

Game information


Saws move horizontally on platforms. They will move horizontally until reaching a wall or edge, where (depending on the saw) they will either continue on that edge or reverse movement. Collision with any part of the saw will kill Hot Air Jr. Many saws are found throughout the level, and due to the smallness of each corridor or hallway, the player can easily get killed.

One star in the level is obtained by blowing Jr's head down to the ground and beneath a saw, as the gap created is only big enough for this.


After the player completes level fifteen, they will get a balloon whose face has the design if a saw.