This article is about saws from Canary. For saws from other games, please see Saws.

Saws are both hazards and interactive objects in the game Canary. There are two types of saws - moving and stationary.

General appearance

Saws have a thin strip of metal leading to the centre of the saw, which is held by a screw. At their bottom is either a sliding base or a normal base, which keeps it anchored to the surface.

General game information

Saws are always attached to a surface that cannot be cut by the player's laser. They are frequently attached to metal, although they can also be attached to electrical blocks. Saws will hurt Canary 214-LE on contact. Saws also usually come in groups in their respective levels. Moving and stationary saws are frequently paired together, for an unknown reason.


Stationary saws

Stationary saws are the most common type of Saw encountered in Canary, and also the first one encountered.


Stationary saws are saws with a circular saw blade at the top. Attached to it is a pole leading downwards to a thick metal base.

Game information

They come in groups, and are able to be attached to both the ceiling and the floor. They will not move or be destroyed when hit by a laser. They are attached at the bottom with a thick base, which anchors the saw in place. They are usually encountered in a situation along with moving saws. They are first encountered in level six.

Moving saws

Moving saws are the second type of saw encountered in Canary. They are hazards, unlike the other version.


They are almost completely identical in appearance to stationary saws, however, there is a sliding base at their bottom.

Game information

Moving saws never appear in Canary without at least a few stationary saws alongside them. They will slide across the base of the surface they are anchored to, which always clears the path for the player to fly through.

Moving saws are never encountered hanging from the ceiling. They are always found attached to the floor. They are first encountered along with stationary saws in level six.


  • The concept art of Canary shows some sketches of saws.[citation needed]