Saw traps
Saws (Knight Trap)
Attack Dangerous
Damage Death
Game(s) Knight Trap

Office Trap

Saw traps are Traps in Knight Trap and Office Trap.


Saw trap buttons have a white semi-circle with curved spikes on the edges of the circle. Saw trap buttons are made up of only brick.

Game information

When a saw trap button is activated, a saw will rise up out of the platform, then begin to spin and move either left or right. When the saw rises up out of the platform, before starting to spin, it is quite easy for it to come up underneath a Knight or an Employee as when the button is activated, the Knight may be just above the area where the Saw will come up, the middle of the trap.

When the saw begins to spin, it will move left or right, then when it comes to the edge of the platform, it will stop then reverse movement direction. Saws make very few appearances in Knight Trap mostly because the Trap introduced halfway through the last quarter of Knight Trap, and because of this it couldn't be implemented into the last levels of the games.

Although it makes few appearances in Knight Trap, it appears frequently throughout Office Trap. For a knight or employee to avoid a saw, he has to jump over it. Because the saw is small, it is quite easy to avoid. No other traps are present on the platform for a saw.


  • When the player is hit by a saw, the character will be sliced and half and half of its body will fall down. Oddly, the skull or the character and its remains remain unharmed. also, the inside of the head is hollow and white. These differences were probably added probably because a death like this would be too violent for the games.

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