Ability Drops gold coins and food
Game(s) Double Edged

Satyrs (pronounced SATE-ers) are interactive objects in the game Double Edged.


Satyrs have yellow skin and two small white horns sticking out of the top of their heads. Satyrs have small white beady eyes that are surrounded by a small dark brown mask.

Below the satyr's mask is their pink nose and below its nose is a dark brown beard and a mustache. Behind the satyr's head is a dark grey back; the satyr's stomach is exposed. Near the bottom of it is a small strip dark brown and two black feet.

Game information

Satyrs first appear on level one, and are in most levels afterward. Satyrs dash around quickly and when they are hit by any weapon, they will drop gold coins, and (rarely) food. Satyrs cannot be killed and they appear only for the sake of the Spartans to get coins.

After several hits satyrs can be knocked unconscious, but this actually acts against the player, as this will reduce the amount of time they are there for. After a certain amount of time, satyrs will run off the screen. Living satyrs only appear in non-boss levels.

Some satyrs can also be found as gold statues in the game. The Spartans can pick up a satyr that is in this state and throw it around the level area, using it to stun enemies or even other satyrs.


"Catch me if you can! Tee hee hee..."

- level 1-1


  • The saytrs are very similar to Moneybags from the Mario series of video games. Both creatures hop away from the player, and both creatures also yield coins when hit. But the Moneybag, unlike the saytrs, can be killed.
  • Close up, saytrs resemble Midas.
  • Saytrs appear to be based off of Satyr, a mythological Greek creature.

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