CDNM Saturn
Gender Male
Species Planet
Faction Good
Level(s) 7
Status Alive, returned to its orbit
Game(s) Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Saturn[1] is a character and planet in the game New Moon, and must be rescued on level seven.


Saturn has a large round "body" that is circled by two large brown rings. The body of Saturn is a mixture of yellow and light brown that forms into a swirl-like pattern at the top of his "head". Near the bottom of Saturn's face is his mouth that is rectangular with Saturn's two white circular eyes above it.

Game information


Saturn was caught by the space mice in order to be turned into cheese, but was later rescued by the moon. He showed a more laid back personality, and called the moon "lil dude". His head barely fit into the exit pipe.


Saturn is the largest planet, but, unlike most other planets, cannot move on his own. Instead, the Moon has to ram into him to move Saturn throughout the level. Saturn, being a very light planet, can bounce on light platforms, unlike the Moon. He is difficult to fit into the exit pipe, due to his enormous size.

Like with other planets, the game will show the PlanetIcon icon if Saturn is not in the screen.



  • Saturn appears to have the personality of a surfer or hippie, saying words like, 'totally', 'dude', and 'bodacious'.


  1. - Avatars → Hint: Rescue Saturn in Cheese Dreams New Moon!

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