Satellite parts
Ability Repairing the satellite
Game(s) Submolok

Satellite parts are core pickups in Submolok.


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Satellite parts appear in the form of either a lightbulb, a card or a cog.

The lightbulb has a clear dome with a gold base.

The cog is silver with some light tints.

The card is green.

Game information

Satellite parts are found in every area of Submolok except for the hub. They are found floating close to the ground, or on ledges. Some satellite parts can be seen above water.

As the player collects satellite parts, they are added to the counter seen on the bottom left corner of the screen above the health metre. Each part acquired increases the counter by 1. Parts must be attained and held successfully until Submolok exits the area via its designated exit. If the player utilises the floppy disk upgrade, they will lose any parts they collected within the area they are currently in.

Parts obtained also increase the player's percentage completion count, shown on the hub and map. At the hub, the player can also deposit parts into the satellite by drawing the ship near. If broken, the satellite will gradually be seen repairing when the player has deposited a certain number of parts.


Upon death, Submolok loses all parts that were obtained within the area he is currently in. Any parts he was currently holding found within that same area revert back to their original positions. These parts are saved once the player exits the area by means of a portal and will not respawn if the area is exited and re-entered in this manner. The player may be able to visit other areas not seen within the hub and carry a certain number of parts; these sub-areas count also save any parts collected from a previous area and will not be lost if Submolok dies within the sub-area.

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