Sand bullets
Jumping sand
Attack Jumps out of sand
Health Invincible
Game(s) Carrot Story (Mega Mash)

Sand bullets are enemies that first appear in level two of the Carrot Story areas of the game Mega Mash. Sand bullets are part of the uncertain enemies group.


Sand bullets have the same shape as missiles, but are the same colour as the quicksand. Two thin vertical brown lines on either sides of the "body" make up the eyes.

Game information

In some areas of quicksand, sand bullets will jump up into the air before returning back into the sand. If there is more than one of them in the same area of quicksand, they will jump up and return simultaneously. They leap high enough into the air to cross the path of Fluffykins, hurting him on contact. Since they cannot be killed, the player has to cross over these particular areas when the sand bullets are not jumping.


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