This article is about sand from Sandman. For sand from other games, please see Sand.

Sand is an interactive object in the game Sandman.


Sand is brown and is made up of many tiny grains.

When the player completes the last level of Sandman, they will get access to multicoloured sand. They will also gain access to a sand colour selector.

The colours of the multicoloured sand are pink, purple, blue, turquoise, green yellow, orange, and red.

Game information

Sand can be dropped when the player clicks and holds. At the start of the game, the player only has access to brown sand. Sand can be stacked on sand all ready dropped to make platforms for the sleepwalkers to walk on. It can also be dropped in water, where it also stacks up. When dropped on the wooden water wheel, it causes it to move.

Sand cannot be used to kill, but on some levels the player can confine a sleepwalker in an area and fill it full of sand until the sleepwalker is squished to death. This can also be done to nightmares. Sleepwalkers will not sink when walking on sand, and will treat it as a platform. If sand is poured on a sleepwalker or nightmare, they will stop and bat the sand out of there face. Sand can be used to move the wooden water wheel, but can't be poured when the cursor is on glass, and can make a platform for the sleepwalker to walk on when used on invisible blocks.


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  • The player can kill a sleepwalker or nightmare with sand if they trap the sleepwalker or nightmare in a small area and keep pouring sand on top of them.
  • If the player pours sand for a long time, they will start pouring sand of a different shade of colour. This will also occur if the player pours sand, pauses the game, then pours sand again.