Small Large
Ability Holds money
Game(s) Rubble Trouble series

Safes are pickups found in the Rubble Trouble series


Safes are purple boxes that give the player extra money to reach their target goal in each level. They are positioned around the various buildings that the player must demolish.

Game information

When brought down to the ground, either directly by a Grabber or indirectly by another weapon, the safe will disappear and the player's amount of money earned increases, depending on the size of the safes, as ones of bigger sizes offer more money.

Safes will still be able to crash a nearby building down if the player is not careful. Big safes, the size of four small safes, give the player $500 once brought to the ground, and little safes give the player $100.

Safes appear frequently in Rubble Trouble, but safes only appear on level 15 of Rubble Trouble Tokyo.

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