Safe traps
Cupboard Traps
Attack Moving vertically;
Can flatten employees
Damage Death
Game(s) Office Trap

Safe traps are traps in the game Office Trap. They do not appear in the game Knight Trap.


Safe trap buttons have a box for the icon of the button. The safes themselves are grey and have two levers. The levers, dial (which is constantly changing numbers), and holes, all look to resemble a face that is frowning.

Game information

Safe traps, when activated, spawn a deadly, platform moving safe. Safe traps first appear in level thirteen of Office Trap.

Safes are square and take up an entire platform, spanning from the bottom of the platform to underneath the above platform, and the width of the button they were activated from. Safes spawned from safe traps will move vertically, starting from the button they were activated and moving up.

Safes move through platforms, stopping for a few seconds before moving again. They move vertically and will flatten an employee if the employee is underneath it when it is going up or down.

Employees can, however, stand next to safe and not get hurt. Safes, like most hazards, will not affect other hazards. Safes are usually activated by a manager at the start of levels, and if not activated by managers, many safes are already active in the level.

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