S.W.A.T Unit
Attack Shoots an explosive capsule/ 4 bullets
Abilities Can aim at various angles
Health Two hits
Points 40
Game(s) Final Ninja Zero
SWAT Units are enemies in Final Ninja Zero. The do not appear in the original, Final Ninja.


They wear black armour, and a mask, which their light orange eyes are only visible. They have a grey body with shows half of a symbol of the back. They wear a belt and carry a gun.

Game information

SWAT Units guard areas in Dr. Boshi's base. They can move their gun up and down, something Basic cyber guards in Final Ninja cannot do. Most SWAT Units are stationary, but some can move slowly, stopping to fire at trespassers. They are sometimes accompanied by one or two other SWAT Units. The primary weapon they fire are explosive capsules, which flies out of their gun slowly, exploding when they hit a wall. They are later upgraded and fire four bullets.

They can be destroyed with two Ninja Stars, and will turn to face the direction they will hit, often firing at the same time. They are stated to have cybernetic enhanced minds in one level, which probably explains their ability to turn in the direction they are hit. SWAT Units are dangerous in numbers, as they can fire at the exact spot they see the player at.

SWAT fire

Beta SWAT unit. Notice muzzle flash.


A beta image of a SWAT Unit was discovered on Simon Hunter's website. The image looked no different than the final version of the SWAT Units other than the muzzle flash from the gun looking very different. The sparks looked as if SWAT Units were meant to fire like machine gun repeaters, which fire bullets in quick succession one after another. This image was not found in the game's files, possibly indicating this image was made during the game's alpha stages.


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