Rust Bucket
RustBucket char
Gender Unspecified[1]
Species Unknown
Faction Good
Health RustBucket nav resistance neutral 1 hit
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Turnament series,

Rust Bucket[2] is the main character of the Turnament series. The character also makes a cameo appearance in Gopogo.


Rust Bucket appears as a red upside-down cylindrical bucket, with a large T shaped visor and two horns on top. In Turnament, the bucket is a simple rectangle with a white pixel for each horn, and the eyes are not visible[3]. In Rust Bucket however, the character's design is much more detailed, and even has a backplate. Although Rust Bucket's horns look curved and white in-game, they appear more angular and beige in the game icon and in promotional art.

The Turnament title screen as well as the character's avatar show Rust Bucket with hands and feet as well as a more helm-like bucket. These design choices were later overhauled for the release of Rust Bucket, in which the character has a much smoother and cartoon-like design to fit the game's graphics and theme. Although Rust Bucket's sword is never seen in-game and is instead replaced by a swipe effect when the player attacks, the character can be seen with it in both game's title screen and additional art.

In Turnament
In Rust Bucket
Red knight
Rustbucket char

Game information

Turnament series

Rust Bucket moves via the arrow keys, and can move in any cardinal direction unless the character's path is blocked. The environment (enemies, objects, hazards or NPCs) will and can only move or change state whenever the player does. Rust Bucket is also capable of attacking and destroying certain objects by moving towards them, if standing right next to them.

Level !/♥ (Turnament)

Penguin 1

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Turnament has eleven levels, the eleventh unlocked only when the player has collected all of the game's eighty coins. The level ♥ (10th level) has a shop where the player can spend all their coins to unlock the last level, as well as Rust Bucket's special ability to fire blue fireballs.

These blue fire orbs are the same as those used by the sorcerers of level nine, and when fired by Rust Bucket, kills any enemy on contact. They function the same as the orbs fired by the sorcerers, as they move in the direction they are fired when the player moves. These blue fireballs can also kill the player the same way any normal hazard would.

An orb will be fired a turn after the previously fired orb is eliminated. The player will always enter level 11/! in this form, making the traversal of this challenging level easier.

Weapons (Rust Bucket)

Rust Bucket is given the ability to wield different weapons their second game. The default one will be the sword, but picking up any weapon in a level or in a shop allows the player to change it and use the other weapon instead. Entering a checkpoint will reset Rust Bucket's weapon back to the default sword.


Rust Bucket appears as an unlockable character in Gopogo and can be acquired for 430 coins. Unlike in the character's namesake game, Rust Bucket has hands and feet.



  • Rust Bucket is very similar in appearance to the helmets worn by the knight traps of Knight Trap.
  • Rust Bucket also appears to look slightly like the Spartans in the mythology-based game Double Edged.
  • In Turnament and Gopogo, Rust Bucket is seen to have hands and feet in the game's icon and avatar, while in Rust Bucket these extremities are absent.


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  3. Hidden text (Highlight to view):
    Rust Bucket's eyes can only be seen blinking in the last level of the game after having purchased the blue fireballs to the shopkeeper.