Runner bombs
Runner Bomb
Ammunition Five
Ability Can jump and move synchronously with Toxic
Action Explodes (when the player crouches and presses Space)
Damage Death (robots), one health unit (Toxic)
Game(s) Toxic II

Runner bombs are a type of bomb in the game Toxic II.


Runner bombs appear a bit bigger than maggot bots. The bomb has a small body with small legs and a yellow eye.

Game information

Runner bombs are probably the most sophisticated bomb in the Toxic Series. When used, the bomb will be dropped and walk in the direction it was facing when dropped. When it is walking, its eye will flash red. The runner bomb does not have a time, and only explodes when the player causes it to explode. When walking, it walks on the floor and turns at ledges or walls. Enemies will not cause it to explode, as only the player can do this. The runner bomb is the only bomb that can walk, and can be detonated by the player.

The player can make the little runner bomb jump by causing the player to jump (pressing Up). The runner bomb jumps about the same height as the player. To detonate it, the player has to crouch down and press the space bar. When the player crouches down when the runner bot is out, Toxic will hold a remote in his hand, one that has a red button. More runner bombs can be deployed while one is out, however, if the player crouches down and presses space, they will detonate all runner bombs.


  • The runner bomb slightly resembles the Bombchu from The Legend of Zelda.