Rum bottles
Rum Bottle
A rum bottle
Ammunition Varies
Ability Produces flames
Action Is thrown, explodes, produces flames
Damage Low (rum bottle), high (flames)
Game(s) Mutiny

Rum bottles are a weapon from Mutiny. They have a relatively low damage, but are useful for large groups of enemies.


Rum bottles are similar to Molotov cocktails. They are in a green bottle with a flame on the top.

Game information

The controls on how to throw this weapon aew the same as the controls for the cherry bomb, except the Rum bottle has a higher throwing range. This weapon is a bottle, and when the bottle is thrown, it will explode on impact with a enemy. But if the bottle hits a platform, the platform will be set on fire and six flames (three on the left, three on the right) will be sent across the platform. These flames deal massive damage to nearby enemies, making the rum bottle quite useful on groups of enemies.


Main articles: Molotov (Nitrome Must Die) and Molotov (Rubble Trouble)

The Mutiny rum bottle seems to have influenced a new type of weapon called the Molotov, a weapon that was used in Nitrome Must Die and Rubble Trouble Moscow, which were released in 2011. The weapon first appeared in Nitrome Must Die, under the name Molotov, and was much like the mutiny one, and also based of the mutiny one.

The Nitrome Must Die variation was directly based of the Mutiny one, only having updated sprites (updated bottle sprite, flames). The molotov in NMD has an extremely high damage, and can kill employees easily. It was not soon after this that another game - Rubble Trouble Moscow - featured a tool called the Molotov. This tool acted much like the two previously mentioned weapons (Molotov and rum bottle), only the physics for the flames were different: the bottle would leave flames where it exploded, sometimes into the air.


This weapon explodes on impact and sets the nearby area on fire. Click it and drag with your mouse to aim set the power.


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