Rubble Trouble series
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The Rubble Trouble series currently consists of three released games: Rubble Trouble New York, formerly known as plain Rubble Trouble, Rubble Trouble Tokyo, also known as Rubble Trouble 2, and Rubble Trouble Moscow, also known as Rubble Trouble 3. The series follows a demolition crew as they work to take down structures and buildings, earning money by doing so.

Rubble Trouble New York (Rubble Trouble)

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Released in 2010, the first Rubble Trouble game was also released on Miniclip, categorized as a "destruction game". Players registered on the site could also earn awards based on their score of the game. Some time after its release, Rubble Trouble became the number one game on Miniclip's top ten game list.

A year and a half later, Nitrome decided to update Rubble Trouble to go with their upcoming sequel, which was to take place in Tokyo. The game was then renamed to "Rubble Trouble New York" and the background was redesigned to give it a more "New York" look. In addition, Nitrome added two more levels to the original game, giving it thirty-two levels rather than thirty.

Rubble Trouble Tokyo (Rubble Trouble 2)

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Eight days after the update to the first Rubble Trouble, Nitrome finally released its sequel. The game included thirty more levels, and new mechanics and tools to work out. Instead of taking place in New York, however, Rubble Trouble Tokyo, as the name suggests, takes place in Tokyo.

Rubble Trouble Moscow (Rubble Trouble 3)

Main article: Rubble Trouble Moscow

Nitrome released the third Rubble Trouble game as a winter game. Rubble Trouble Moscow was released in the winter of 2011, a few days before Christmas. The week before the games release, Nitrome put out a preview image on their blog and asked their fans to e-mail them where they thought the the game would be placed at.

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