This article is about guns from Final Ninja. For guns from other games, please see Guns.

Rotating guns
Attack Fires explosive capsules
Abilities Rotates
Health Three hits
Points Twenty
Game(s) Final Ninja Zero

Rotating guns are hazardous guns in Final Ninja Zero. They do not appear in Final Ninja.


Rotating guns appear as a circle with a cannon on the circle. The entire cannon is coloured black, save for some yellow printing on some parts. Black wires can be seen attached to parts of the gun. Rotating guns appear as if they are in the air, and are never seen to be attached to walls.

Game information

Rotating guns will rotate counter-clockwise, and every 45° fire an explosive capsule. They rotate at a mild pace and and can be destroyed by three ninja stars. It is suggested that they are shot at from a distance, as standing close to them may put Takeshi at risk of being shot; the player can also stand in an area where the rotating guns shots will not reach them.

The guns can be quickly destroyed, and make few appearances in Final Ninja Zero. Rotating guns appear on levels seven: Communications, eighteen: Power Plant 2, and twenty-two: The Escape. Explosive capsules are fired from the gun on level seven and eighteen, and like wall mounted guns have their cannons upgraded in further levels of the game, so on level twenty-two they begin firing four bullets instead of an explosive capsule.

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