Rosy Cheeks Boy
Rosy Cheeks Boy
Bonus stage
Game(s) Platform Panic

Rosy Cheeks Boy is a character in Platform Panic.


Rosy Cheeks Boy is a pink cube, similar to Cuboy, with a tuft of hair, white gloves and purple shoes. His eyes are placed close together and he has noticeable pink cheeks.

Game information

See also: Characters (Platform Panic)#Game information
Rosy Cheeks Boy serves as the default character in Platform Panic.

Penguin 1

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Rosy Cheek's Boy special ability is Bonus Stage. When activated, Rosy Cheeks Boy sometimes enter a bonus stage, a room with no hazards that is filled with 24 coins in the shape of a circle. The chance of encountering the stage is completely random. When this ability is used for the first time, the first room entered is always a bonus stage.


Used to be a dragon


Other appearances


Rosy Cheeks Boy is announced to be a playable character along with Yolk in Lowe Bros. Studios' upcoming game Indiepogo including various indie game characters.


Rosy Cheeks Boy's character description is a reference to Bubble Bobble[1], as it is a reversal of the role of the main characters. Furthermore, when creating the character Nitrome was influenced by the protagonists from the Taito games Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands, and Liquid Kids; along with Kirby from the Kirby series[1].


  • Rosy Cheek Boy has the most appearances in the game when counting the game's achievements, as the character appears in almost all the achievements.


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