Icebreaker rope
Ability Swinging objects
Game(s) Ice Breaker series

Ropes are interactive objects in the Ice Breaker Series.


Ropes are brown cords fixed to an object by a small grey circular bolt on each end.

Game information

Ropes appear in all Icebreaker games and are always attached to bolts. Ropes are often used to hold up platforms though they may also be found secured between two platforms. Ropes break upon being cut and if a piece of ice or similar object is dislodged while being attached to a rope, that object will be swung by the rope that can be later cut to fling the held object in a forward direction.

Often a pair of ropes are used to hold an object in place but occasionally one rope may be present to hold one object. Rope that is not attached to anything acts differently depending on the Icebreaker game: in the flash titles the rope falls off the screen, while in Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage the rope will fall and disappear, although unlike the flash Icebreaker games the rope will interact with platforms.

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