Roe is an interactive object in Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage.


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A single sphere of roe appears as a brown spherical ball with a white-gold border. A brown-gray spot is in the middle of the roe. A light yellow triangle takes up a sector of the circle at around the eleven-o'-clock range.

Game information

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Icebreaker Delicious Caviar!

Icebreaker Delicious Caviar!

Roe in the caviar trailer

Roe is first encountered in the Kraken level pack of the game. They have the ability to stick onto certain surfaces. The player must cut certain roe so it can manipulate the direction it interacts in. Roe can also be found and fired from a cannon, which have an infinite amount of roe in it. Using the cannon, the player can construct shapes that can be utilized to complete the puzzle in the level(s) it appears in.

Roe will stick to the ground and will stick to other pieces of roe, but will not stick to ice and certain areas.