This article is about rocks from Double Edged. For rocks from other games, please see Rocks.

Double Edged Rock
Ammunition None
Action Are thrown
Damage Medium
Game(s) Double Edged

Rocks are weapons in the game Double Edged.


Rocks appear as a small boulder with have a few curves and cracks on them. Rocks are also very old looking.

Game information

Rocks are a good weapon to use in levels the hammer or bow and arrow is not accessible, as a thrown rock will immediately knock an enemy unconscious, but has to be picked up again. When a rock is picked up, even if the player has a weapon, they will not have to discard it. The rock will slow the Spartan down a bit, but not that much. When it is thrown, it will move forward, bouncing a off of enemies and knocking them unconscious.

They appear in all areas of Double Edged, but not in every level. The player being able to carry them allows them to have two weapons at once, until the rock is thrown.



  • The colour of the rocks in the game first appear a lightish brown during all levels before 3-number levels, but once the player enters 3-number levels, they will turn to grey. It is possible the colour of the sky or of the mist (in case of the 3-# levels) is what makes the colour of the rock.

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