This article is about rocks from Cave Chaos series. For rocks from other games, please see Rocks.

Rock!!!!!Interactive Rock
Cave Chaos version (left) and Cave Chaos 2 version (right)
Ability Rolling
Game(s) Cave Chaos series

Rocks are interactive objects in the Cave Chaos series.


Rocks are grey and round. They have multiple cracks and them and jagged edges. They differ in size.

Game information

Rocks can either hinder or help the miners, depending on the situation. If a miner is trying to go up a hill and rocks are coming down, it is a hindrance. Rocks do not fall through tracks, which can be very helpful. For instance, if there are tracks in front of a miner, and there is no mining carts, rocks can be pushed onto the tracks.

A miner can then jump on the rocks to get across. Sometimes Hurl will shoot its goo to slow down the miners but by jumping on rocks, the goo cannot hinder a miner.

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