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Learn the power to ricochet to rebound your way back to your ship, meow!
Released August 20, 2009
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Levels 22
Genre Platform, Adventure
Websites, Miniclip

Mouse - Rocket off in desired direction

Credits Artwork
Jon Annal
Carl Trelfa
Dave Cowen
(Physics powered by Box 2D)
Rockitty Menu
Rockitty Main
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Rockitty is a game Nitrome released August 20, 2009. The game was sponsored by Miniclip. The player controls a character of the same name, Rockitty, with the goal of reaching his spaceship at the end of each level.


PC Mouse Mouse (movement) - Adjust Rockitty's position

PC Mouse Left Click Mouse (click) - Rocket off in desired direction.


There are twenty-two levels in Rockitty, including three bonus stages. Each level features different mechanics and planets that Rockitty must interact with in order to reach the space shuttle. The bonus stages differ slightly from the main levels, with the main goal of obtaining as many points as possible within thirty seconds.

Level 1

A short level for starters, the player can simply follow the signs and rocket towards pathways determined by lines of fish. The space shuttle is not too far away from Rockitty's starting position.

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Nitrome-RocKitty level 100:44

Nitrome-RocKitty level 1


Level 2

Lava, a hazard, and asteroids, an interactive object, are introduced in this level. Following the pathway of fish while destroying multiple asteroids for extra points, Rockitty will be able to reach the space shuttle in no time.

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Nitrome-RocKitty level 201:00

Nitrome-RocKitty level 2


Level 3

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Milk, cows and cow skinned pads are now introduced into the game. Most of this level can be navigated through the pathways determined by the milk Rockitty swims in. It is also quite open as opposed to the previous levels, and a later sign warns players that if they are not careful, Rockitty could end up getting lost in space.

At the start, the player should first rockets into some milk, then turn right, come out, and land on some pink goo. They should then then rocket onto a side of a horned planet with pink Goo, and repeat this for the other two planets. When the player is on the third planet, wait until Rockitty gets close, then rocket to the finish pad.

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Nitrome-RocKitty Level 300:50

Nitrome-RocKitty Level 3


Level 4

Switches are introduced in this level. When hit, they open locked doors so Rockitty can pass through. By aiming it at the far left switch, then afterwards, rocketing onto the sticky side of the half planet, Rockitty should make its way to another full spinning planet and hit the next switch which should be to the left. Half planets are quite prominent in this level, and need to be timed correctly in order to land on them while spinning and reach the cat's rocket ship.

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Nitrome-RocKitty Level 401:09

Nitrome-RocKitty Level 4


Level 5

A relatively short level, the player needs to be careful where they aim Rockitty in this level, as many spikes are seen in various places of the game that could be easily run into if not aimed correctly. Aiming towards the near top left corner should help Rockitty rebound onto a large patch of goo, where players can easily rocket it into the rocket ship.

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Nitrome-RocKitty Level 500:25

Nitrome-RocKitty Level 5


Level 6

Rockitty must make use of a little wooden rocket in this level to mostly navigate back to the rocketship. Along the way, there are giant gates to open, lava planets and bubbly blue creatures to avoid before can successfully reach the rocketship, which is located upside down at the bottom of a pink sticky planet.

The player has to rocket around in a wooden shaped rocket, through some asteroids, past a horned planet, through a piece of wood, past some bubbly creature cannons, past some more bubbly creature cannons, over to the pink planet, turn the ship around, and rocket to the finish pad.

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Nitrome - Rockitty Level 600:49

Nitrome - Rockitty Level 6


Level 7: Bonus Round

The first bonus level encountered, there is a round outer shape, abundant with fish and a smaller enclosed area with some pink goo and some larger sized fish in there.

Level 8

Different room-like structures are in this level, along with the introduction of keys. The keys must be pushed together in order to advance through the pipe and continue to other rooms. After making the way through three rooms with keys in them, the player can then travel through the pipe, landing on the kitty cruiser.

The player is in a completely pink room, two keys must be pushed together to get the moving wood away from the pipe. Go through the pipe and onto a pink planet. The floor is pink goo, while everything else is metal. The player should repeat what they did in the previous room, when that is done, they should go through the pipe, then land on a pink planet. As this time everything is metal, repeat what was done in the last room, then when that is done, go through the pipe.

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Nitrome-Rockitty Level 803:05

Nitrome-Rockitty Level 8


Level 9

Level 9 is fairly short in length, the kitty cruiser being visible already when the player first starts the level. Most of this level has to do with spinning structures, most of which spin Rockitty towards hazards, particularly spikes and lava, thus, the player needs to use good timing skills in order to get Rockitty safely back to the kitty cruiser.

The player has to rocket onto a moving metal planet, then rocket off quickly to the pink goo on the wall. They have to then rocket over to a small metal planet, then rocket over fast to the other small metal planet. They have to then rocket over to the metal planet, then when Rockitty gets close, rocket over to the finish pad.

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Nitrome-Rockitty Level 901:22

Nitrome-Rockitty Level 9


Level 10

A new enemy is introduced to the game, known as space squids. Rockitty must avoid them while attempting to hit all three switches in the two large enclosed spaces. After doing so, the player must safely land Rockitty on the cruiser, without sending him into the open space next to it instead.

The player must hit a switch,t hen get on a pink planet, hit another switch, and go on a pink planet. They should again hit a switch, but this time go through the new area, and again hitting a switch. After this, they should go on a pink square, hit another switch, go on another square (or bounce around) and hit another switch, then rocket over to finish.

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Nitrome-Rockitty Level 1001:19

Nitrome-Rockitty Level 10

Level 11

Forcefields, as well as numerous point pads, are present in this level. It is also a very short level in comparison to other levels of the game previously played. Small circular structures move when Rockitty lands on them, and using these, he must reach the kitty cruiser while avoiding spikes and lava.

The player has to rocket up, bounce off the metal, and onto the planet with pink goo. After that, they have to rocket up to the pink goo, and rocket over to the nearby planet between the force fields. They have to then rocket up to the other planet,r ocket over to the other planet, then rocket over to the finish pad.

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Nitrome-Rockitty Level 1100:40

Nitrome-Rockitty Level 11


Level 12: Bonus Round

Numerous fish line the open spaces in a spiral pattern, with pink goo only at the beginning and end of the spiral shape.

Level 13

Explosives are introduced in this level, which are gathered in clumps as Rockitty begins this level. Using the three point balls, Rockitty needs to clear a path from the group of mines before proceeding to the next section of the level.

With various patches of pink goo, Rockitty then has to successfully make it through columns of rebounding explosives, as well as rocketing past some which simply make their way up and down walls of pink goo. Afterwards, to reach the kitty cruiser, Rockitty has to use the moving circular structure to avoid the stationary explosives covering the section, then aim carefully.


The player has to hit three number balls around to move the nine mines away. Once the player does that, rocket out of the force field and onto pink goo, fly through the four moving mines, and rocket down the hole of points until the player is on pink goo.

Now, rocket through some more moving mines, then when on pink goo, rocket from side to side to avoid the mines, then when the area with the moving pink planet is reached,rocket over to it. Now keep rocketing up on the planet, to avoid hitting the mines, then when the player gets close, rocket over to the finish pad. Doing this may be tricky.

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Nitrome - Rockitty Level 1301:11

Nitrome - Rockitty Level 13


Level 14

This level involves unlocking different sections by pushing keys together, mostly indirectly. First, Rockitty aims towards the tiny planet to push keys together and move the spike structure away, displaying a point block. Next, Rockitty must swim through a large patch of milk, while getting the inside space squid with the two keys to push them together.

Once finished, the proceeding stage introduces a portal, which can instantly take Rockitty to a small secluded area of the level. The player must do this while avoiding an attacking space squid. As soon as the last two sets of keys are pushed together, Rockitty can aim towards the new open space to the left to complete the level.


The player has to rocket down onto some pink goo, then hit the planet on the other side of the force field. When the planet is hit, it will push two keys together, which will make the gate lift up.

Rocket through the new area until milk is reached, and swim down until a way out of the milk is found. The player has to push two keys together amidst a space squid and a transporter. When the two keys are pushed together, a moving box will move, making a way to the finish pad.

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Nitrome - Rockitty Level 1402:11

Nitrome - Rockitty Level 14


Level 15

Rockitty has to avoid a lot of spikes spinning on a blade in this level. Some blades can be pushed with a switch, which helps to keep them still and move them out of the way. After that, making the journey through several pipes will aim Rockitty onto a large patch of pink goo, where the player can easily aim him into the kitty cruiser.


The player has to rocket past a double bladed spike object that is turning clockwise, then rocket at pushing wood, then rocket at it again, and then try to stick to the pink goo on the ceiling. Now rocket past a double bladed metal spike object and hit the switch that is over lava. This switch will cause a moving box to move upwards, that will stop a double bladed metal spike object from moving.

The player should now rocket past it, until they land on pink goo, and then rocket into the pipe closest to them, until they get into a room. As this room contains two keys and a switch, the player should hit the switch then push the keys together, until the wood moves down. The player should rocket into the pipe, come out, stick to the nearby pink goo, then rocket over to the finish pad.

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Nitrome - Rockitty Level 1501:21

Nitrome - Rockitty Level 15


Level 16

Three lava enemies chase the player constantly in this level. First, Rockitty, quickly needs to trigger a switch, which opens a wall with pink goo so he may make his way down further to proceed in the level. Afterwards, another large area with two switches and numerous asteroids are encountered. The old area should close off, and the player would only have to face one chasing lava enemy rather than three. With some work of the switches, Rockitty can make his way up into a smaller rectangular area with some point blocks and reach the kitty cruiser.


First, move to the left, then rocket into the switch, and then rocket onto the Moving Wood. When the player gets in rocketing range, hit the switch on the ceiling of pink goo, near the asteroids. The player should then rocket into the big asteroid, until it splits into two, then wait until it moves and then rocket into the other switch.

When the two moving wood moves, rocket onto pink goo, hit a switch, hit the other switch, then squish the keys together (the player not hit the keys together until they have hit both switches, as the keys activate a moving platform covered in pink goo). The keys will activate a moving platform covered in pink goo, which the player should rocket on to. While on it, the player should move around to avoid getting hit. When the finish pad is in rocketing range, rocket onto it.

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Nitrome - Rockitty Level 1601:11

Nitrome - Rockitty Level 16


Level 17: Bonus Round

Rockitty is put in a large pink room filled with fish. Pink goo lines all the walls.

Level 18

This level is made up of different patches of milk in the level while avoiding lava-covered planets, asteroids and cow-skinned planets which can make Rockitty bounce off into the wrong direction. The player needs to make sure they aim carefully, quickly and correctly, since much of this level is open as well.


The player should rocket into the milk to the right, rocket into the milk on the left, to the Milk on the Left. They should then go to the right, go to the right again, go to the left, then the right, then forward, until they get into more Milk. They should then hit the asteroid, then rocket onto the finish pad.

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Nitrome - Rockitty Level 1800:55

Nitrome - Rockitty Level 18


Level 19

A fast-paced level, Rockitty must make his way onto different spinning planets, each which spin at different speeds. A few planets have explosives waiting near the end, so being quick and accurate is the best way to pass this level.


This level features many planets, which throughout the level are encountered at varying speeds. Rocket on to the green planet, then on to the bigger green planet, then onto another green planet, then onto the pink planet. The player should then rocket onto another pink planet, then onto another one, another one, then another one,then another one, then onto a small pink planet.

After this, the player should rocket onto a slow moving green planet, then onto a pink planet orbiting a Sun, then onto another pink planet,then onto the last one, (a good tip for getting to the finish pad if from the player to keep their mouse cursor on the finish pad, then click a lot on the Finish pad) then rocket onto the finish pad. Doing this may be tricky, and can potentially result in a game over.

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Nitrome - Rockitty Level 1900:51

Nitrome - Rockitty Level 19


Level 20

Bubbles are now introduced into the game, which Rockitty needs to use in order to rocket towards certain unreachable places. By clicking at the right time, Rockitty should be able to burst out of the bubble and reach a patch of pink goo, which moves upon landing on it.

As the wood moves, blue slime creatures will be making their way towards the left of the screen, in Rockitty's way. To avoid them, Rockitty should aim for the point pads, then following a path downward, where he will reach a pipe. After breaking through some brick blocks, Rockitty has to use bubbles to reach the kitty cruiser, which is tucked away in a small area only reachable by the bubbles.


Rocket a bit to the left, then get into a bubble. When the player flies out and lands on moving wood (which the player should try to land on), they should avoid hitting the bubbly creatures, then rocket down the hole when the moving wood stops. When the player lands on a path of pink goo, they should rocket onto the Moving Wood, then rocket upwards until the player gets on the back of the moving wood.

When the moving wood stops, the player should smash the brick blocks, then rocket onto the pink goo, then rocket onto some pink goo a little farther down. The player should then get caught in a bubble, hat is going forwards, then when they touch pink goo, rocket onto the finish pad.

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Nitrome - Rockitty Level 2001:32

Nitrome - Rockitty Level 20


Level 21: Bonus Round

As the last bonus level of the game, Rockitty is put in a large area filled with milk. He must swim through the milk, attempting to catch as many fish as possible.

Level 22

For the last level of the game, the player must move Rockitty as quickly and accurately as possible as a giant sun slowly makes its way towards Rockitty. Aiming for the pink goo, Rockitty must navigate through pipes and areas opened by switches in order to pass through another area covered mostly in milk.

While swimming through the milk, Rockitty needs to break six brick blocks in order to activate a switch, which opens a clear path to the finish line. The player must be quick to reach the other side, as the sun may come down from the top of the screen and block the path to the kitty cruiser before the player can react.


This level is different than the previous one, as a sun is chasing the player. Rocket onto the nearest pink goo, then onto the next nearest, then hit the switch and get onto the pink goo on the Moving Wood.

The player should then rocket forward, rocket onto the pink goo, onto the other pink goo, then the other one, and rocket into the pipe. They should then smash the brick blocks, swim to the left, then down, and hit the switch. After this is done, they should swim up, to the left, then up, and bounce somewhere on the ground, then rocket onto the finish pad.

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Nitrome - Rockitty Last Level Ending01:28

Nitrome - Rockitty Last Level Ending



Penguin 1

This navigational box contains a spoiler. Click [show] to open the box.



While hearing a cat meow in the background (presumably Rockitty's), a picture of a stuffed Rockitty in his kitty cruiser is shown with the caption: "Miaow! I'm stuffed! Time to head back to my home planet Catatopia and have a cat nap!"

Interactive objects

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  • Pink goo - Areas on planets and ground that Rockitty can stick to.
  • Help sign - Provid walkthroughes help, or useful tips for gameplay.
  • Point boxes - Grants points to the player if hit.

Pick ups

  • Fish - Fish are the only pick up in Rockitty. A big orange fish is worth 500, a live one is worth 250, a dead orange fish is worth 100, and a skeleton is worth 50.


  • Lava - Lava is orange and will take away one heart from Rockitty. It can be found on ceilings, walls, and floors.
  • Mines - Mines are purple with a white skull on them. They will take away one heart from Rockitty. They can be pushed away with planets or detonated. Once detonated they will disappear.
  • Spikes - Spikes will take one heart away from Rockitty.
  • Sun - The sun is the last obstacle Rockitty has to avoid since it only appears at the last level.It will chase Rockitty around the level but only up to a certain point. If Rockitty touches it one heart will be lost. They are orange and look like balls of lava.


  • Lava enemies - Lava enemies are orange and will chase Rockitty. They can go through solid objects but are very slow.
  • Space squids - Space squids are white and will chase Rockitty. Once Rockitty is a few inches from them they will shoot pink balls that take one heart away.
  • Blue slime creatures - Blue slime creatures are shot out of cannons and only go one way. If they hit something other then Rockitty, they will be destroyed. If hit by Rockitty one heart is lost.

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  • The kitten's spaceship appears in level twenty-four of Chisel and can be destroyed.
  • The pause screen that appears when the player pauses the game spells the word "pause" as 'PAWS'.
  • If the player dies while touching the kitty cruiser, it will say game over, even though the player technically reached the destination.
  • The game is similar to Super Mario Galaxy, as both characters are going through space on many different planets. Both characters also rocket towards destinations, although Mario uses Launch Stars instead of relying on his own abilities to do so.
  • A spin-off titled Rockitty: 9 Lives was created for the 2014 Nitrome Jam by Jon Annal (the artist for Rockitty) and Marcin Zemblowski.

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