This article is about rockets from Fat Cat. For rockets from other games, please see Rockets.

Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Move downward
Health About five bullets from the owl
Game(s) Fat Cat

Rockets are enemies in the game Fat Cat that attack in large groups.


The first rockets are green and have an orange line. The second rockets are pink and they have some green parts and an eye.

Game information

They travel in a downwards direction from the top of the screen and are destroyed when they hit a wall. Often there are many that appear at once when they are seen, and can take many bullets from the owl before they are destroyed.

When rockets attack, however, there are often small gaps between some of them that the cat is able to pass through without losing any life. The player can then use the owl to destroy any rockets for extra points if they desire. A second type of rocket exists, having the colour scheme of a mushroom. This second rocket is only used on level twenty.

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