Attack Falling from up above
Damage 1 health canister
Health 2 blows
Game(s) Bullethead

Rockets are hazards in the game Bullethead.


Rockets are small, bluish-grey missiles that plummet straight downwards. They are larger than the homing rockets, but smaller than the jumbo rockets. On the bottom, they have a dark grey tip, while on top, there are yellow panels.

Game information

Rockets are fired by the aliens. Rockets descend upon the player(s) in large quantities and are not quite as lethal as a homing rocket or a jumbo rocket would be. When a rocket hits the ground, it will cause a massive shake, simulating that of a real rocket colliding with the ground and creating an explosion. Rockets can easily be destroyed because they are stationary and only take two hits before being destroyed.


  • Similar rockets appeared in Canary, of which they are called alien missiles. These actual rockets are more pale, but perform similar tasks. The rockets from Canary will fly horizontally left instead of vertically down, and they cease to spin; an alien larva is also wrapped around the rocket.

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