Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Moving from side to side
Health One blow
Game(s) Gunbrick (mobile)

Rocketbricks are enemies in the game Gunbrick mobile. The Rocketbrick technology was used by the police force in Pack 1 against Gunbrick dude.


Rocketbricks appear square-like, like the rest of everything in the game, but a little smaller in size. However their sides are not perfectly flush. The entire chassis is gray and has red lights on its sides and blue lights on the top and bottom of the chassis, these being the universal colours of the police. At its centre of the chassis is an aperture-like shape that could be an opening. At the rocketbricks' four corners are four rockets pointing at 45 degree angles.

Game information

Rocketbricks are the most basic enemy in the game. They move back and forth either vertically or horizontally and will destroy the Gunbrick when it makes contact with an non-shielded side of it. Rocketbricks can be easily destroyed with one bullet like all the enemies in the game, or the player can move off a platform above a rocketbrick so that the player's shield impacts the rocketbrick.


  • Rocketbricks are the game's alternative to the red circles from the original Gunbrick.
  • The way rocketbricks' corners have rockets designed to fly is similar to the way the alien ship Submolok from Submolok propels itself.

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