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This article is about rockets from Rubble Trouble Moscow. For rockets from other games, please see Rockets.

Rocket man
Barry Space
Ability Push objects
Game(s) Rubble Trouble Moscow

Rocket man is a tool used in the space levels of the game Rubble Trouble Moscow. It does not appear in the normal levels, as it would be impossible to use, due to gravity and a lack of wings.


Rocket man appears as Barry in a little yellow spaceship. It has two silver thrusters in the back and two very tiny wings at the sides.

Game information

This tool can't destroy building itself, but you can use it to push objects. This tool appears first time in job twenty-two, where it is used to push a space wrecking ball. This is an example of the usage of this tool.


Rocket Man


  • The rocket man is possibly a reference to the submarine the player controls in Aquanaut, as the rocket man is controlled the same way as the submarine in Aquanaut, and also looks similar.

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